Sunday, June 6, 2010


Saturday I made my first trip into downtown Bangkok. My friend from work Dao took me to the huge outdoor market called Chatuchak. The place is massive and labyrinthine and has all sorts of merchandise: clothes, plants, food, antiques, jewelry, textiles, crafts, artwork, pets, plants and much more. And did I mention food? If you saw something you wanted it was best to buy it on the spot because the chances of finding your way back to it again were minimal.

It was hot and crowded and a lot of fun. We spent 3 hours there and I don't think we saw 25% of it. Here are some random images from there.

Street performers


Lots of food available, to eat and to take home

Group encouraging people to forego the use of plastic shopping bags

You could find just about anything there if you had enough time.

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  1. I´d love the shoes, the little buddhas and the buttons. I´d enjoy the food, the textiles and the carvings too. It seems you had a lot of fun.
    Love from D├ęborah