Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back home (for a few days)

 I am headed to New York City for a couple of days of meetings then flying to Virginia where I will spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my folks. I very excited about getting to see my parents as well as being back in the States. I'm even looking forward to the meetings!
I'm posting this from the airport in Seoul, Korea and wishing I could say I'm halfway there. Alas I still have   about 14 hours of flying time to get to New York, after leaving Bangkok circa 1 AM BKK time, early Sunday. The flight here was about 5 hours of flying time but that doesn't include the sitting around in an airport time. The funny thing is that my flight is scheduled to leave Seoul at 11 AM on Sunday morning and I get into JFK at 10:40 AM Sunday morning. Could be some serious jet lag ahead! But I don't even care, just glad to be going. (Check with me again when I'm nodding off in a meeting.)

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