Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday, September 30

This morning (my morning) I was thrilled to talk to two of my great friends: Orlando and Miguel. Orlando was in Philadelphia, Miguel in Campinas, Brazil and me in Bangkok. Three friends, three continents and a great "bate papo"(fun chat). I miss those guys!

Sunset from my balcony today shortly after a rainstorm:

What you can't tell from the photo is how high the water level of the river is. The is quite a bit of major flooding in the country and many of my low-lying neighbors are at least partially underwater. I'm at no risk on the 9th floor but we have had to move our cars from the underground parking area although right now it's just a precautionary measure. The Chao Phraya river that flows by my building is a tidal river and the high tides keep the water from flowing to the sea and exacerbates the flooding.

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