Friday, May 14, 2010

Catching UP

Catching up now that I have internet at the apartment:

11/5 – Leaving CDG airport for Bangkok, I feel a moment of euphoria as the plane takes off.  Could it be the new horizons that await or the one glass of champagne I just had?

12/5 – Long uneventful ride from the airport. I see with different eyes knowing I’m there to stay for a while. Not good, not bad, just different. Still carrying some trepidation.

 The apartment is bigger than I remember. Why do I need all this space? Oh, right, the view of the river from the balcony/deck…

Met my housekeeper Khun Malee (khun is a term of respect used when addressing men and women). She is an older woman (in my age bracket, except I’m not old) and has the place spotless. I could tell she was a little nervous – needlessly of course. She calls the person, Dao, who has been helping me with the Thai portion of the move to serve as interpreter. A little later she washes all my dirty clothes. I unpack suitcases and a couple of boxes mailed earlier.

 Renting a place (other than for vacation) with other people’s furnishings is a little strange.

 Dao shows up close to 5 PM and has a list that she and Malee have put together of things for the house – mainly to keep the place and my clothes clean and tidy. We go shopping for the list and some groceries. Among other places we go to an organic grocery store. Not Greenlife but has a nice selection of goods. And some very interesting fruit.

Back to the apt. and crash time.

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  1. Hi Nat
    I just spent some time catching up with your busy month. It sounds like you are settling into your new life. So glad all is well for you. Keep us posted!
    karen p.