Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paris, day 3

Nina (my sister) and I went to the Louvre this morning and saw the new Cy Twombly painted ceiling in the gallery of the greek bronzes. I am a huge Cy Twombly fan but the ceiling was not my favorite work I've seen from him. But the bronzes were amazing and we saw literally acres of paintings although were necessarily selective in where we stopped.

After a great lunch courtesy of Nina (duck confit and vegetables, after a artichoke and goat cheese appetizer), I spent some time at the house mainly talking and listening to music with Pascal, my nephew. Then Nina and I went out again to see a Willy Ronis photography exhibit at The Musee de la Monnaie. I was not familiar with his work and enjoyed getting to know it.

Tomorrow I actually go to work in Paris: I have a meeting late morning at the Tai Ping Paris office. I am looking forward to it.

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