Thursday, January 20, 2011

Locked door

Last Saturday as I was leaving the bedroom I shut the door behind me. When I tried to go back in I found that at some point the push button lock had been pushed and I was locked out. Both landline and cell phone were in there along with my wallet, car and house keys. And since it was early morning there was no one about to whom I could have asked for help even if I spoke enough Thai to do that. So I tried unsuccessfully to pick the lock  - fortunately I had access to my toolbox. If you watched enough thrillers you know how easy it is: you just stick in a long narrow pointed object (assuming you have one – and I tried several) jiggle it around a little and presto – the door pops open. Well I must not know the right jiggle or have the right tool because it didn’t open. And the door was too tight with the frame to use the credit card trick so finally I chiseled out some to the wood with a hammer and screwdriver and was able to pry it open with the screwdriver. I didn't panic at any point although I did give the door a couple of good kicks. It didn't give. Anyway I got in and made it to yoga on time but the door doesn't look too great. It was funny in retrospect. And by the way, there are no keys that I know of or could find for any of those internal apartment doors.

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