Monday, December 27, 2010

Two Treats

I had two treats today:
1. My staff  - the ones who are not on vacation - treated me to lunch today at a nearby restaurant that I hadn't been to before. I didn't realize they were treating until the bill came and they wouldn't take my money. That was very nice on their part. I had pad thai with shrimp which I can order on my own but learned from them how to order some other dishes if I'm on my own. The menu is of course entirely in Thai (and no pictures!).

Last Friday I had treated all of them to lunch at a nearby favorite place that specializes in guay tiaw phet or noodles with duck.

2. I saw an elephant on a busy street in my neighborhood as I was driving home from work. This has happened only once before and no matter how often it happens will always be a treat.

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