Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday in BKK

Last Saturday in Bangkok, I started the day with meditation then participated in the 97th (!) birthday of the well respected monk, Phra Boonyarit,  who lives in a house on the property. The celebration for me was mainly giving rice to the many monks who came to pay homage to the elder one. The rice is a symbolic offering and the ceremony took place right in front of my building. 

Waiting for the  ceremony

Quite a crowd (on the driveway outside the condo)

Phra Boonyarit

One of the monks receiving the rice

Later that morning I attended a yoga class where, among other asanas we did at least 12 navasanas (boat pose) over the course of 120 minutes, mercifully not all at once. It's a great class taught by a Canadian named Mark at Elements Studio in downtown BKK and it's always challenging and very worthwhile. It always provides me with something to add to my home practice.

Followed that with a Thai lunch (pad thai gai), some errands and then later I met Kanyarat after she finished work and we saw the very entertaining film The King's Speech. After that dinner at an Italian restaurant and then off to Titanium where we danced to the excellent all female house band Unicorn. 

Normally my Saturdays are not that packed but then again I'm never at a loss for something to do here.

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