Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Visit Home

I had a very nice visit back home in the US for about 10 days over a week ago. I had a brief but very fun stop in Chattanooga where I moved some of my "stuff" to a less expensive storage unit and more importantly got to spend some great time with friends. Unfortunately I couldn't see all my friends due to the brevity of the visit but squeezed in some memorable meals, drank some good wine and found time to enjoy one of Jenny Mac's great yoga classes at Clearspring.

Then I drove to Virginia, enjoying the Spring mountain scenery on the way, to spend a week with my parents in Staunton in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a great visit - very relaxing and enjoyable. My father is recovering from a broken knee cap and now getting around quite well. Mom is well too and as good a cook as ever. I may have gained some pounds on this trip... I was able to help a little around the house but mainly it was good just to hang out with them.

It was very comfortable and familiar being back where I can speak the language, read all the signs and especially enjoy the company of long time friends and family.

Then it was time to go back and 30 some hours of travel later (Staunton to Charlottesville to Atlanta to Tokyo to Bangkok)  I was home halfway across the world. The coolest part of the trip was running into my good friend Nancy in the Atlanta airport. She was in my yoga teacher training class and I hadn't seen her in a good while since she doesn't live in Chattanooga. We had a good if brief visit since she had a flight to catch - coming from Buenos Aires and headed home to Florida.

I am back in Thailand and enjoying it too. Although I miss all my friends and family scattered around the planet. Come visit.

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