Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Playing football (soccer)

About two weeks ago our company had an inter-company football (soccer) game where the factory management played the head office management group. The game kicked off (literally) a few weeks of sporting events between different departments. The games also include foot-volleyball (volleyball played with the feet) and "share ball", a game I've never heard of where the women pass the ball around and shoot at a basket held by one of their teammates who is standing on a chair or ladder at one end of the field. It's like basketball with a moving basket except you can't dribble, just pass and it's played on grass.

Anyway, I played football (soccer) on a reduced field with a team of eight (7 plus a goalie). I hadn't played in over 20 years but did relatively well with and against mostly younger guys except that I missed the defining penalty in the penalty shootout after regular time to break the 2x2 tie , much to my embarrassment. Fortunately the game was mostly about having fun so my teammates are still speaking to me.
But boy, was I sore the next day!

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